Cutting-Edge Medical Technology Available at Your Fingertips

This is where it all started...

Currently based outside Nashville, Tennessee, and affiliated with Vanderbilt Medical Center, our company was founded in 1994, as Guru Marketing Group, a medical marketing firm focused on driving new business to healthcare providers through our custom-designed strategic marketing programs.

In 2000, we landed a long-term contract with AmeriPath Corporation, the nation's largest provider of anatomic pathology services.  With our contract completed successfully in 2004, we discovered a missing piece in the ability to get new medical technology into individual practices.  This led to the founding of Shephard Group Healthcare Partners, LLC.

SGHP is a medical contract sales organization that works with manufacturers, research institutes, and other healthcare service and product producers, to get their cutting-edge, medical products to practicing physicians and hospitals, where it can benefit patients.

We are quickly growing, with a team of Clinical Practice Consultants serving 10 states.  Our plan is to be in all 50-states by the end of 2022.

Watch us grow while we save lives, ease suffering, and bring strength to healthcare practices across the U.S.