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Vestibular Diagnostics & Balance

ENG-Plus, Electronystagmography

The Best Diagnosis for Your Patients, the Profitable Solution for Your Practice



  • Inner ear disorders are the leading cause of imbalance and falls.

  • Over 69-million people suffer from vestibular dysfunction.

  • 33% of all seniors will fall this year.

  • Effective treatments are available for vestibular disorders. 


What the ENG-Plus Offers
You and Your Patients

Complete ENG Battery of Tests



-Positional Hallpike


Sampling Rate 100/sec.

Provides the most accurate measure of Saccades

Resolution of Eye Movement

0.5 deg.

Range of Eye Position

+30 deg. Horizontal & Vertical

Oculomotor Stimulus

Green lazar diode technology

Automatically Computes Test Results

Software selects the best segment for analysis

Self Calibrating

Always calibrated 20 deg. eye to stimulus

Meets Current ANSI Standards


HIPAA Compliant



The VAT ENG+ Includes the Following:

  • Laptop

  • Full Color Printer

  • Combo Control Box & Oculotrak

  • Headtrap/Preamp/Electrode Harness

  • Box of Duotrode Electrodes

  • Power Supply with Cord

  • Head Pad Covers

  • USB Cable

  • System Training

  • VAT/ENG-Plus Manual

  • Reference Manual

  • VAT Software

  • ENG-Plus Software

  • VAT Training CD

  • Starter Supply Kit

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