Vestibular Diagnostics & Balance


  • Inner ear disorders are the leading cause of imbalance and falls.

  • Over 69-million people suffer from vestibular dysfunction.

  • 33% of all seniors will fall this year.

  • Effective treatments are available for vestibular disorders. 


ENG-Plus, Electronystagmography

The Best Diagnosis for Your Patients, the Profitable Solution for Your Practice

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What the ENG-Plus Offers You and Your Patients

Complete ENG Battery of Tests

  • Oculomotor

  • Gaze

  • Positional Hallpike

  • Caloric

Sampling Rate 100/sec.

  • Provides the most accurate measure of Saccades

Resolution of Eye Movement

  • 0.5 deg.

Range of Eye Position

  • +30 deg. Horizontal & Vertical

Oculomotor Stimulus

  • Green lazar diode technology

Self Calibrating

  • Always calibrated 20 deg. eye to stimulus

Automatically Computes Test Results

  • Software selects the best segment for analysis

Meets Current ANSI Standards

HIPAA Compliant

The VAT ENG+ Includes the Following
  • Laptop

  • Full Color Printer

  • Combo Control Box & Oculotrak

  • Headtrap/Preamp/Electrode Harness

  • Box of Duotrode Electrodes

  • Power Supply with Cord

  • Head Pad Covers

  • USB Cable

  • System Training

  • VAT/ENG-Plus Manual

  • Reference Manual

  • VAT Software

  • ENG-Plus Software

  • VAT Training CD

  • Starter Supply Kit