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The Amnio Breathe Nebulizer Bundle is designed to deliver our ambient liquid allograft product, Fluid Flow, as a topical directly onto a patient’s respiratory system (Nasal Cavity, Pharynx, Larynx, Bronchus and Lungs). Similar to its use on primary relevant conditions (degenerative join disorders, inflammatory conditions and soft tissue injuries), the natural growth factors and cytokines that are present in amniotic tissue to help regenerate soft tissue while inhibiting inflammation and scar tissue formation.

Fluid Flow Description 

Fluid Flow is an amniotic liquid allograft derived from the amniotic components of the placenta to advance soft tissue repair, replacement and reconstruction. It is classified as minimally manipulated under FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 1271 and section 361 of the PHS.



The application of our Fluid Flow liquid amnion through our Amnio Breathe Nebulizer has shown to help patients suffering from COPD and other respiratory conditions.

In addition, the Amnio Breathe Nebulizer has been used as a general wellness treatment, by systemically circulating the growth factors and cytokines throughout the body to help repair and replace damaged soft-tissue.

Excellent results are also being experienced from recovered COVID-19 patients who have been left with compromised respiratory function.

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