Our Innovative Offerings

Shephard Group Healthcare Partners is dedicated to offering only the most comprehensive, cutting-edge medical technology and treatment protocols to physicians who are interested in promoting better patient outcomes.

Our offerings include full diagnostic and treatment protocols such as:



These are fully integrated diagnostic and treatment programs that are offered as turn-key alternatives to the often invasive and often ineffective treatments that have become the norm.


Additionally, along with a full suite of laboratory services, SGHP also offers advanced diagnostics via Molecular PCR lab panels, that are specific to certain specialties such as; Urology, Gynecology, Pulmonology, Oncology, and Gastroenterology.  We also offer cutting-edge PGx and CGx panels for determining patient response to specific medications, as well as the potential risk of hereditary cancers.

We offer Wound Therapy innovations, cognition and memory diagnostics, and vestibular balance diagnostics and treatment.

SGHP can provide highly-effective marketing services for your healthcare practice, through our healthcare marketing division.  Through our marketing experience that covers almost 30-years, we can build and implement a strategic marketing plan that is specific to your practice, geographic territory, demographics, and competitive landscape.

Shephard Group Healthcare Partners is continuously adding new, innovative medical products and services, to help you stay on the cusp of cutting-edge healthcare. Contact us today to learn more!