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Diabetes Prevention & Treatment Protocol


Shephard Group Healthcare Partners offers a complete turn-key protocol for the prevention and treatment of Type II Diabetes.  This protocol was developed by Dr. Shephard, and SGHP, along with a team of healthcare professionals and researchers.  This diagnostic and treatment protocol is the most comprehensive and effective way to treat Diabetes Mellitus, and in many cases CURE the disease in patients who could otherwise die.  In many cases, we have successfully weaned patients off of diabetic drugs and returned them to a normal, healthy lifestyle. 

Watch these videos to learn the basics of our system:

DPTP at a Glance

The Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Protocol (DPTP), promoted under the brand name of DiabetesCare-MD,  is fully FDA approved, and is made up of a combination of diagnostic panels, ANS, AB, and Vascular monitoring, a specialized diet and exercise program, a proprietary supplement formulation, continuous metabolic monitoring, and lifestyle coaching. 

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