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Our Innovative Offerings

Shephard Group Healthcare Partners is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive, cutting-edge medical technology and treatment protocols to physicians interested in promoting better patient outcomes.

Medical Checkup

Full Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols

Turn-key alternatives to the often invasive and often ineffective treatments that have become the norm.


Aesthetics Supplies & Services

Non-Invasive Fat Removal & Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, Pain Relief, Improved Circulation, and much more... Light Therapy can do it all!

Vestibular Diagnostics & Balance

ENG-Plus, Electronystagmography:

The Best Diagnosis for Your Patients, the Profitable Solution for Your Practice

MRI Scan Image

eVOX Cognitive Assessment System

Using electroencephalography combined with event related potentials (ERP’s), the system monitors and records brain activity while the patient completes a series of simple exercises on a computer.


Medical Practice Marketing

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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Pain Therapy & Management

SGHP has developed several methods of pain diagnosis and treatment that will help you to help your patients feel better and get back to living life


Respiratory Regeneration

The Amnio Breathe Nebulizer Bundle is designed to deliver our ambient liquid allograft product called Fluid Flow.

Wound Therapy

SGHP continues to work with some of the most advanced developers of wound care and treatment products in the industry.

Male Scientist

Molecular Diagnostic Services

We offer a full range of diagnostic laboratory services, ranging from basic and traditional lab panels, to innovative PCR-based diagnostics, Pharmacogenomics, and Hereditary Cancer Risk Testing

Physical Address:  1211 Medical Center Dr., Nashville, TN 37202

Mailing Address:  100 Arlington Pl., Franklin, TN 37064

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