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PL Laser

Whether your patients are diabetic, or undergoing chemotherapy, neuropathy can be debilitating and difficult to treat.  Give you patients a new lease on life and eliminate their neuropathy pain!

Become an Authorized Provider of a

Non-Invasive Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

Add A New $200,000+ Revenue Stream To Your Practice (per each device)

  • INVEST $0 for 6 months, $594 for next 6, Deduct $87,500 in 2022

  • 14-year proven track record 

  • Published peer reviewed study w/ the University of Minnesota

  • Primary Medical Director may be an MD, DO, DC or NP

  • No Need to add extra room or more staff initially

  • ​Noninvasive treatment/procedure

  • FDA 501(K) Cleared & IRS Qualified Medical Equipment

  • Patent and Proprietary Software Protection

  • Very Attractive Financing Available OAC

  • Maximum Tax Deduction of $1,050,000 in 2022

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