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Allergy & Immunotherapy Protocol

Allergy symptoms are the number-one complaint of patients in the United States. Certain regions are more prone to allergies than others, but there is no denying, that allergens are everywhere!


SGHP now attacks this situation with our own Allergy and Immunotherapy Protocol.  This is a turn-key program that diagnoses your patient's allergic triggers, and utilizes customized immunotherapy to promote the patient's own immune system "see" the trigger as non-threatening, and suppress the immune response that would normally result in allergic symptoms.  

This is a highly effective way to alleviate your patient's allergy issues, and bring a solid revenue stream to your practice. 


  1. Most patients in your waiting room are candidates for allergy testing, and many are candidates for immunotherapy.

  2. Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy are a high-demand service. In fact, it's the number-one ancillary service for primary care, family practice, and integrative medical.​​

  3. It is fully covered by insurance.  CPT Code 95165 for immunotherapy has been around for decades.

  4. It is easy to implement.  

    • Supplies are provided free of charge​

    • Online training

    • Skin and blood testing available

    • Results in 7-days on blood tests

  5. No on-site tech or special exam room is needed.

  6. No minimum patient volumes or multi-year contracts.

  7. Five drops of blood tests for 104 allergies and/or immediate 40 skin panel results.

  8. Flat fee for immunotherapy, includes both shots and oral drops.

  9. Easy "drag and drop" ordering system.

  10. Your practice bills commercial payors and retains 100% of reimbursements.

Learn how to become a participating practice!

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