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Advance Arthritis Relief Protocol

The Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol is the ONLY FDA approved, non-invasive treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee and shoulder.  Our proprietary, turn-key treatment protocol is a highly-effective alternative to surgery for relieving pain and increasing mobility and strength.


Based on a combination of intraarticular injections, guided by contrast fluoroscopy, and the use of our proprietary OA-3000 unloading brace, we have achieved a success rate of 92.7% in relieving pain, improving range of motion, and keeping patients out of surgery.

Additionally, as an authorized provider of this treatment, your practice can generate a strong 7-figure income stream each and every year!

Exclusive provider territories available across the U.S.  Contact us to inquire on how to become an authorized Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol provider!


What AARP Clients are Saying...

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